WP Story 2.3.0 Released

Adding manpower to a late software project makes it later.

Fred Brooks

A few new things are implemented in the WP Story Premium 2.3.0.

Check what’s in new!

#1. Added PeepSo Integration

WP Story is now compatible with PeepSo plugin and Gecko theme.

Now, users can create stories in their profile and can see their friends’ stories.

Check here for how to integrate this: https://story.wpuzman.com/docs/getting-started/peepso-integration/

#2. Added New Uploader UI

We added more advanced uploader ui. It has drag & drop image/video uploading feature and uploading progress ui.

Before Image After Image

#3. Added File Extensions Options

WP Story now has file extensions limitation options. You can allow which file extensions will be allowed during publishing stories.

For more changes check the changelog page: https://story.wpuzman.com/changelog/

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