WP Story 2.2.0 Released

A few new things are implemented in the WP Story Premium 2.2.0.

Check what’s in new!

#1. Users’ activities feature

With this update, you can display the users’ stories with a single shortcode. Also it is full compatible with BuddyPress. If you want o use with BuddyPress, just go to WP Story Options -> Integrations -> BuddyPress and enable Users’ Activities options.

Also, you can use this feature with shortcode, and display anywhere.


If you want to display with php code you can write something like this:

<?php echo do_shortcode( '[wp-story-activities]' ); ?>

#2. Swipe Up button

After now, you can open stories’ link by swiping up the screen. It will be available for only touch devices. Like phones, tablets etc…

Before Image After Image

#3. Background overlay to story head

We added a little overlay to story head for more readability. It will fix the visual problem when story image has a white background.

Before Image After Image

#4. Category filter to blog posts stories

Now, you can get blog posts from specific categories for creating blog post stories.

#5. Story options to blog posts

In old versions, when you create story box from blog posts, it was fetching cycle and story image from post’s featured image. From now, you can choose different images to using in story cycle and story image in posts settings.

#6. Added large post title to blog posts stories

#7. Added “Server Side” and “Client Side” Rendering Options

In old versions, plugin has only client side rendering options. It meant, stories was creating after page load. After now it has two options. Choose wihch one is best for you.

Check here for more details.

#8. Changelog history in plugin page

Now you can see plugin changelog history in the plugin page.

For more changes check the changelog page: https://story.wpuzman.com/changelog/

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